Injecthor System of Mexico
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Specialists in ornamental trees, forest and fruit.

Injecthor System of Mexico ® is a 100% Mexican manufacturer of its products that began operations in 2005. We have the participation of various national and international experts on tree pests and diseases, as well as pest problems in structural wood. We also have the participation of international experts onintegrated pest management.

Our goal is to provide our customers the best and most economical service for the treatment of timber pests and whether it is structural wood or ornamental trees, forest, fruit, and the highest quality and effectiveness of our products and services.

We have divided our services into two areas:

  • Agricultural and forestry
  • Urban

Our company is at the forefront and with strict adherence to environmental standards and quality in the world.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the excellent quality and service.

We thank all those who gave us all their support and trust, who have today for our products and services to believe and trust in our ability and quality of care, effectiveness in products and services are constantly improving.

Thanks also to the new and future customers for choosing us and consider the benefit of radical change that our products generate in favor of nature and the environment.